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HPE ProLiant Server

HPE SimpliVity 325 Gen10 Node Bundle

SimpliVity 325 - Effective useable capacity 4.6TB/Node

  • AMD EPYC 7000 processor family.
  • Extra small (4.6 TB) and small (7.5 TB) software-optimized HPE SimpliVity 325 Gen10 options.
  • HPE InfoSight for HPE SimpliVity enables predictive data analytics and a unified view of HPE SimpliVity assets such as Datastore, VM, Backups, Capacity, and IOPS.
  • HPE OmniStack supports up to 48 clusters per federation and VMware ESXi™ 6.5 and 6.7.
  • Add clusters of HPE SimpliVity 325 to expand existing federations of HPE SimpliVity 380 and HPE SimpliVity 2600.
HPE SimpliVity 325 Bundle$41,610.16
 Qty  Part No. SimpliVity 325 - Effective useable capacity 4.6TB/Node
2 R2Z06A HPE SimpliVity 325 Gen10 Node
2 R2Z27A HPE SimpliVity AMD VMware Node Tracking
2 R2Z27A      0D1 Factory Integrated
2 P04853-L21 HPE DL325 Gen10 AMD EPYC 7501 (2.0GHz/32-core/155-170W) FIO Processor Kit
2 R2Z10A HPE SimpliVity AMD 256GB 8 RDIMM Slots Memory Kit
2 R2Z10A      0D1 Factory Integrated
4 872475-B21 HPE 300GB SAS 12G Enterprise 10K SFF (2.5in) SC 3yr Wty Digitally Signed Firmware HDD
4 872475-B21  0D1 Factory Integrated
2 R2Z28A HPE SimpliVity 4x1.92TB SFF SSD Kit
2 R2Z28A      0D1 Factory Integrated
2 P01366-B21 HPE 96W Smart Storage Battery (up to 20 Devices) with 145mm Cable Kit
2 P01366-B21  0D1 Factory Integrated
2 652503-B21 HPE Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 530SFP Adapter
2 652503-B21  0D1 Factory Integrated
2 817709-B21 HPE Ethernet 10/25Gb 2-port 631FLR-SFP28 Adapter
2 817709-B21  0D1 Factory Integrated
4 865414-B21 HPE 800W Flex Slot Platinum Hot Plug Low Halogen Power Supply Kit
4 865414-B21  0D1 Factory Integrated
2 BD505A HPE iLO Advanced 1-server License with 3yr Support on iLO Licensed Features
2 BD505A      0D1 Factory Integrated
2 R2Z77A HPE SimpliVity 325 4.6TB Software
2 P04983-B21 HPE DL325 Gen10 Redundant Power Supply Enablement Kit
2 P04983-B21  0D1 Factory Integrated
2 734811-B21 HPE 1U Cable Management Arm for Rail Kit
2 734811-B21  0D1 Factory Integrated
2 734807-B21 HPE 1U Small Form Factor Easy Install Rail Kit
2 734807-B21  0D1 Factory Integrated
4 JD096C HPE FlexNetwork X240 10G SFP+ to SFP+ 1.2m Direct Attach Copper Cable
2 H1K92A3 HPE 3Y Proactive Care 24x7 SVC
2 H1K92A3     R2M HPE iLO Advanced Non Blade Support
2 H1K92A3     YKR HPE SimpliVity 325 Gen10 Node Supp
2 H1K92A3     YKS HPE SVT 325 OmniStack 4.6TB SW Supp
2 HA114A1 HPE Installation and Startup Service
2 HA114A1     59U HPE Simplivity 325 HW Startup SVC


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